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Hair: Gianni Bach for Davines
Hair: Jenny Pelter and Amy Lopez (Westrow Street Lane)
Photography: Paul Gill
Make-up: Zoe Peplow
Images: Five Point Alliance
An outcry, a revolt - they can change the world. Superheroes fight violence and oppression against people living in war zones around the world. Selfishness is like a shadow on every horizon ... solidarity, compassion, equality - when were these values lost?
Humanity must go ahead, pass on the spirit of humanity, give space, nature, green spirit, hope and peace again ...
Photo: Pedro de Vilhena, Assistant Isabel Rebord? O
Hair: Gianni Bach for Davines
Make up: Gianni Bach by SLA Paris
Styling & Accessories: Gianni Bach
Romantic playful dirndl hairstyles buy lace wigs uk are part of every Oktoberfest. The highlight of this year's Arnoldy & Traub hairdressing creation: The hair is not braided, but loosely knotted - for an airy look and the perfect Oktoberfest appearance.

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